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A turn refers to the change in those who are Touched, more specifically their acquired unique powers and abilities from a forgotten incident on August 3, 1896.[1]


Some known turns manifested among the Touched:


Turns that involve changes in one's cognitive abilities, either the Touched or a target.

  • Blindness — A logbook lists William Carter as being able to cause blindness through touch.[2]
  • Confession inducement — When worked up, Désirée Blodgett compels others to voice their thoughts in her presence.[3]
  • Corvid mind exchangeAugustus Bidlow can see through the eyes of any corvid while controlling their movements as well.[3]
  • Dizziness inducementAda Walker causes dizziness to those around her.[4]
  • Empathic singingMary Brighton could sing a song in a language only the Touched can hear, affecting them with hope.[1]
  • Enhanced empathyKnitter could activate parts of the mind needed to comprehend Galanthi language and tech.[5]
  • Energy perceptionPenance Adair sees potential energy, visualizing where electricity wants to go, move, or settle.[1]
  • OmnilingualismMyrtle Haplisch can understand any existing language, although she can only speak them at random in a phrase.[1]
  • Perception manipulation — The Colonel is able to manipulate others' perceptions, including vision,[3] emotion, and memory.[2]
  • PrecognitionZephyr Navine experiences glimpses of her near future.[1]
  • Psychic communicationLady Whisper communicates through whispers into one's mind.[2]
  • Telekinesis — A logbook lists Cornelia Norman as being telekinetic.[2] One woman also demonstrates the ability to move objects while not touching them.[5]
  • Temporal intuitionDominique has intuitive knowledge of the exact time. A logbook lists Ida Davies as having a similar ability.[2]


Turns that involve changes in one's physical abilities and/or with physical effects.

  • Arthropodal transformationOne woman can make her fingers transform into arthropodal limbs.[5]
  • Breaker touchLucy Best destroys objects whenever she touches them with her bare hands.[3]
  • Bullet generationWinemar Kroos produces bullets from his right arm. He can shoot them with the help with a weapon when attached to his arm.[2]
  • Enhanced flexibilityWendy can contort her body at "alarming" rates.[3]
  • Enhanced densityFannie Lee is considered as dense as lead.[4]
  • Enhanced enduranceOne girl survives without injures after she got her arm caught in an engine with three tons of pressure.[1]
  • Enhanced strengthSu Ping Lim pushed a gate with ease, while two women closed the other side together with effort.[6]
  • Fire manipulationAnnie Carbey can create and manipulate fire with her hands.[1]
  • FreezingRonald causes frostbite on a man who insisted on touching him.[6]
  • GigantismPrimrose Chattoway is ten feet tall.[1]
  • Glass transmutationHarriet Kaur can transform objects into glass with her breath.[3]
  • Glowing skinOne woman has her skin permanently glowing blue.[1]
  • Gravity manipulationElisabetta Cassini can make objects temporarily float after touching them.[3]
  • HealingHoratio Cousens has the ability to conduct healing surgeries without contact.[1]
  • LevitationAlderton Musgrove's niece floats about an inch from the ground, unable to move without being towed.[1]
  • Pain empowermentMaladie derives power from pain.[6]
  • Plant growthOne woman can rapidly develop plants by touching the soil.[1]
  • Shield creationNimble Jack creates floating plates that can be used as protective shields or stable platforms.[7]
  • Skin color shiftingMasie Butterfield-Worth has the color of her skin changing through the day.[5]
  • Thorn protrusionGeorge has sharp thorns over his forearms.[2]
  • Voice replicationAdeilia Shaw can echo anything she hears.[4]
  • Water transmutationOne woman was able to transform any liquid in pure water.[2]
  • Water walkingNicolas Perbal is capable of walking on water, being completely unable to submerge.[2]


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