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Nicolas "Odium" Perbal is one of Declan Orrun's henchmen[1] and a Touched man whose turn allows him to walk on water.[2]


One evening, Declan Orrun intercepts Amalia True and Penance Adair's carriage and enters it to talk to them. He tells Odium, who stands by the window, to give them some room. Declan introduces Odium as his new henchman and tells them to excuse his smell, explaining: "you can't get that man into a bath,"[1] in reference to his inability to enter the water.[2]

Some time later, as punishment for failing a task, Declan has Odium restraining one of his henchmen as he slices away at his Beggar King brand from the man's flesh.[2]

Later that day, Odium strikes Amalia's carriage is struck with enough force to thrown her into the river below a bridge. He charges towards her, walking on the water. She tries to swim away but is forced to come up for air, during which time Odium strikes her. He then proceeds to attack Amalia from above with a thick hooked metal chain. Amalia jumps on him and uses the chain to strangle Odium, holding him from underwater. She leaves as Odium lays unconscious over the water.[2]

According to Amalia's research, Odium is likely convalescing at his grandmother's attic. After the death of Mary Brighton, Annie Carbey goes to investigate the possible involvement of Odium and the Beggar King. Nimble Jack convinces her to let Odium live because, as one of Beggar King's few decent help, he knows nothing and is "necessary to keep the peace" and "appearances."[3]

Days later, Odium discovers that the orders to kill Amalia didn't came from the Beggar King, but from Lord Gilbert Massen.[4]

Official description

The quintessential henchman. He looks as unpleasant as he smells — a side-effect of his rather surprising "turn". Will do any kind of work for anybody's money.[5]

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