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Myrtle Haplisch is a Touched girl whose turn makes her speak any language at random.[1]


Myrtle lives with her parents and three siblings.[1] She's illiterate[2] and the only child in the age to work. Although, her turn makes her unable to properly communicate, so her mother suspects Satanic influence as an explanation for Myrtle speaking in unknown languages. She is kept isolated in her bedroom and chained to the bed in order to avoid "contamination."[1]

One day, Amalia True and Penance Adair visit the Haplisch residence sent by the reverend, in order to invite Myrtle to the St. Romaulda's Orphanage for the Touched. They discover that her "affliction of the tongue" makes her unable to speak English, but she can comprehend it.[1]

Alone in her room, Myrtle suddenly finds herself being abducted by a group of men, most of them masked, but Amalia and Penance come to her rescue. Amalia fends them off long enough for Penance to pull the carriage around and they take Myrtle back to the Orphanage in the auto-carriage prototype. There, she meets Primrose Chattoway, who is ten feet tall and eager to make friends with someone of her age.[1]

Days later, Myrtle, Penance, Lucy, Harriet, and Primrose attend the party at the Bidlow Estate in hopes of altering public perception of the Touched. Lavinia Bidlow instructs them to mingle without putting themselves forward, reminding the girls that the mission is to amuse, not alarm the guests. She also requests the group to wear a blue ribbon to identify them. During the party, Myrtle displays her turn by saying things for the guests to try to translate.[3]

While out shopping with Penance, Myrtle comes across a flier with Amalia's face printed on it. They notice the address listed is not that of the Orphanage. Lucy brings the frontwoman of the scheme to the Orphanage and Myrtle witnesses Désirée Blodgett interrogate the woman using her turn of confession inducement. Myrtle tears up as the woman goes on to describe the story of how she killed her pregnant daughter for being Touched. When the woman begins ranting and raving about the Touched being abominations, Harriet Kaur uses the electroshock umbrella to knock the woman out and suggests calling the police. Désirée doubts the police would trust the word of the Touched, so Myrtle suggests Mundi.[4]

Later that day, Myrtle goes to the Clandlemas Park with the other Touched to amplify Mary Brighton's song through the city. They watch as Mary sings her song only the Touched can hear, making Myrtle tear up. Winemar Kroos begins shooting at Mary, so Myrtle hides behind Penance's brightener. Afterward, Myrtle and the others return home, where they find Bonfire Annie awaiting their arrival. Myrtle cries again as Bonfire creates a fireball that illuminates the dozens of other Touched who heard Mary's song.[4]

Myrtle attends Mary's funeral, though she does not join in the hymn as her coffin is lowered into the ground. Afterward, Primrose finds Myrtle crying and sketching pictures in Penance's workshop. Myrtle attempts to explain herself with the illustrations, but the language barrier proves a difficult obstacle. Eventually, Primrose deciphers that Myrtle heard a message within Mary's last song. Myrtle then jumps into Primrose's arms with excitement. Primrose, Harriet, and Aneel gather all the foreign-speaking of the Orphanage in hopes that together they will be able to translate for Myrtle. In their first attempts, they manage to translate "come before the dark" from Italian. At night, Myrtle, Primrose, and Harriet reveal their complete translation to Penance and Amalia. They realize those weren't Mary's words, but someone else talking through her in a message to Amalia.[5]

Myrtle is left out of Amalia's plan to find the Galanthi as it isn't considered safe for her. When Penance announces her plan to rescue Maladie, Myrtle stays by Primrose's side when she says that anyone should do anything.[6] While alone with the creature, Amalia has a vision of Myrtle telling her: "Oh, Amalia. This is a long time from this little cave. This, I will need you to forget." After the groups return from their missions, Myrtle helps Dr. Horatio Cousens taking care of those wounded.[2]

Official description

A middle-class girl rescued from a family who cannot understand her — literally, as she can no longer speak English, or anything resembling speech. She's thrilled to be living at the orphanage, where she's everyone's favorite weird little mascot.[7]

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