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Hugo Swann is a lord and the proprietor of the Ferryman's Club.[1]



At some point, Hugo's older brother Caleb died. After their father had a "tragic dissolution," Lord Massen commented that he used to believe Alastair's mind suffered because Caleb drowned, but it was more likely because Hugo didn't. Hugo would say he remembered his father for his "fine fists." rather than his "fine mind."[2]

When Hugo was ten years old, Lavinia Bidlow took him and her younger brother, Augustus Bidlow, to go ice skating with her. Hugo pretended to be an ice dancer and made Lavinia laugh all day.[3] As a teenager, Hugo attended Eton College with Augie.[1]

Hugo had an affair with Frank Mundi. While the detective would insist that it was a blind, drunken mistake, Hugo says he was drunk only the first time.[4]


Hugo meets with Augie after a late night of partying to discuss his sister Lavinia and her charity at St. Romaulda's Orphanage for the Touched. Lavinia is bringing Amalia True and Penance Adair to the opera. Hugo asks if they're hideous and advises Augie to flirt with the "ugly one" to create an unexpected balance. Augie is hoping that Hugo will attend the opera as well, to coach him through the evening. Hugo initially turns him down as he has a meeting with the Minister of Finance about the Ferryman's Club next Midnight Carouse. However, he reluctantly agrees under the conditions that Augustus attend the Ferryman's.[1]

As promised, Hugo attends the play, though his attention is primarily on one of the theater girls, whom he has sex with backstage, hardly noticing the attack by Bonfire Annie and Maladie. Afterward, he is interviewed by Inspector Mundi, to whom Hugo reveals that the girl abducted by Maladie is someone they both know. They also discuss their nefarious business dealings, though Inspector Mundie doesn't profit from their exchange.[1]

Lord Massen confronts Hugo about a rumor regarding the Ferryman's Club and how he intends to employ the Touched. Lord Massen refuses to allow Hugo to operate such an establishment in a public arena due to the public fear and outcast of the Touched. However, Hugo claims that requests for membership into the Ferryman's Club have doubled since the attack on the opera house, declaring that "horror and fascination go arm and arm." When Hugo makes an off-hand remark about his father and his deteriorating mind, Lord Massen grabs him by his coat to remind Hugo that Alastair Swann had one of the brightest minds in all of England. Hugo warns him that he had his lessons in fighting, then tells Lord Massen that the Ferryman's opens tonight.[2]

Hugo asks Augie to make a small investment in the Ferryman's Club; not with money, but with Augie's signature, as the Bidlow name on the contracts will lend legitimacy. Hugo then leads Augie to two women and he goes with them.[2]

Hugo auditions several Touched candidates to determine the new employers of the Ferryman's Club. He is particularly interested in one that supposedly fills the room with purple lights. Augie interrupts and expresses his reluctance with his name being tied to the Ferryman's Club. Hugo pleads with Augie to stay on board, at least for the time being, because he can't run the club on his own. He then calls over his assistant Roma and whispers to her to quickly file the contracts.[4]

Hugo meets with Mundi in a room at the back of The Dun Cow bar. He is disgruntled with Mundi for failing to come back with anything of use, despite Hugo arranging the raid of the Orphanage. He was hoping that Mundi would at least convince a couple of the girls two come work for him at the Ferryman's Club. Hugo then asks about Mary, whose turn is a song. Regarding the Ferryman's Club, which is a massive venture, Hugo explains that it depends on a measurable level of change. Moreover, he doesn't believe that Amalia has any interest in giving the Touched a safe haven.[4]

Hugo is roughed up and pulled from a chess game by Mundi, who accuses him of affiliating with the Purists and ordering Mary's hit. He suspects that Hugo meant to scare the Touched so that they would come to him for safety. However, Hugo suspects that someone tricked Mundi into coming after him to divert him from the real suspect. Furthermore, to prove his innocence, Hugo offers to provide Mundi with his whereabouts during the shootings. While Hugo may have wanted to know more about Amalia, all he learned for certain was to steer clear of her. Before leaving, Frank tells Hugo that their arrangement is over.[5]

Hugo discovers that Lord Humphries is pressing charges after he suffered severe ice burns from an unregistered Touched name Ronald while at the Ferryman's Club. Hugo then produces an injury waiver. One cannot apply for membership without it, he explains. Hugo questions how he can make this go away. Mundi states that they'll have to get Ronald registered, though he won't list the Ferryman's Club as his place of employment. However, Mundi warns Hugo to keep his employees in order or else he'll shut the Ferryman's down.[3]

Hugo later attends the execution of Maladie. He gets caught up in the panic after an attack, and he's knocked headfirst into a steel banister. He then attempts to climb back up on the porch, where Lord Massen holds him at gunpoint before helping him over the railing.[3]

Official description

A pansexual posh boy whose charm has about five years left on its lease. He runs a secret club and a side trade in blackmail. He's devoted to fulfilling everyone's worst impression of him — and fascinated by the Touched.[6]

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