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Harriet Kaur is an aspiring lawyer[1] and a Touched woman whose turn allows her to transform objects into glass with her breath.[2]


In 1899, Harriet lives in St. Romaulda's Orphanage and counts with the help of her fiancé Aneel to carry the robotic driver of Amalia and Penance's carriage. When the auto-carriage arrives, Aneel and Harriet sit in the prototype and agree they should marry inside it.[3]

During a raid in the Orphanage searching for Maladie, Harriet is transforming paper balls into glass bulbs. Penance closes the workshop they're in and prevents the police to enter.[2]

Later that day, Harriet, Penance, Lucy, Primrose, and Myrtle attend Lavinia's party at the Bidlow Estate, hoping they can improve public perception of the Touched. Lavinia instructs them to mingle without putting themselves forward, reminding the girls that the mission is to amuse, not alarm the guests. She also requests the group to wear a blue ribbon to identify them. During the party, Harriet displays her turn by blowing over Myrtle's soap bubble and transforming it into a glass ball.[2]

Harriet is present during the interrogation of the frontwoman working in an address posing as the Orphanage. Later that day, Harriet goes to the Clandlemas Park with the other Touched to amplify Mary Brighton's song through the city. They watch as Mary sings her song only the Touched can hear. Winemar Kroos begins shooting at Mary, so Harriet hides with Aneel behind Penance's brightener. Afterward, Harriet, Aneel, and the others return to the Orphanage, where they find Bonfire Annie awaiting their arrival. They watch as Bonfire creates a fireball that illuminates the dozens of other Touched who heard Mary's song.[4]

After attending Mary's funeral, Harriet sulks in the front yard of the Orphanage. Harriet explains to Penance that Aneel had to return to school, which she cannot. With the influx of new residents at the Orphanage and rumors that a couple of them have outstanding warrants, Penance asks Harriet to look into it. Harriet wishes that she could do more, but someone like her can't even apply to Aneel's law school. She questions just how they will ever see justice if they're not a part of it.[1]

Harriet listens as Primrose says that Myrtle heard a hidden message within Mary's last song. She then calls Aneel and asks him to bring anyone who can work as a translator. Harriet also gathers all the foreign-speaking residents of the Orphanage in hopes that together they will be able to translate for Myrtle. At night, Harriet reads the complete translation to Penance and Amalia. She realizes those weren't Mary's words, but someone else talking through her in a message to Amalia.[1]

Harriet reads Effie Boyle's article on The Clarion denouncing Maladie's unjust sentence. Later, Harriet and Aneel fight about his departure and she sees him out. Harriet is also upset with Maladie's conviction, which she suspects that they're only hanging her publicly for being Touched. She sides with Penance in her plan to rescue Maladie, rather than Amalia's mission to find the Galanthi.[5]

Harriet breaks into the prison building with Penance and Désirée by making the door lock became glass. She then complains that Aneel expects her to give up studying law after marriage even though she's a better student than he is. Harriet fears that this will be the reason for Aneel to leave her, but Désirée bets that he'll soon return with flowers and apologies.[5]

After their plan fails and the viewing public is running in panic, Désirée and Harriet flee out the way they came, but Harriet gets trapped inside alone. When a couple with a baby joins her, Harriet crystallizes the entire door with a blow of her breath. The running crowd then rush towards the glass door, breaking through and trampling over Harriet. Maladie, disguised as Effie Boyle, appears and pulls Harriet to safety. The group returns to the Orphanage, Su Ping Lim supporting Harriet. They find that Amalia's mission was about as unsuccessful as their own.[5]

Harriet is placed on the table in the middle of the courtyard, where Horatio works to heal her wounds. During this time, Aneel arrives with a bouquet of flowers.[6]

Official description

A young Scottish Sikh, Harriet lives with the Orphans, but is accepted by both her family and her betrothed. Optimistic without being naive, Harriet is determined to live her life as she planned, despite its increasing weirdness.[7]

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