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Declan Orrun is a criminal overlord known as the Beggar King.[1]


Declan has known Bonfire Annie since she was a kid following her father when he collected for the Top Hat Lads.[2] Declan became known as the "Beggar King" because, while he had nothing, his men followed him anyway.[3]

Amalia True publicly calls the Beggar King out so he is left with no choice but to confront her personally. He stops her carriage and introduces them to his new henchman, Odium, a large and smelly man by the window. Declan tells Amalia that there are channels they must go through to contact him, but she isn't concerned. She informs him about the attack on Myrtle Haplisch and her suspicion that the masked attackers have been tracking the Touched for some time. They're a danger to the Touched and to anyone known to be associated with them, which Amalia has made sure Declan was known far and wide to be, forcing him to help them.[1]

Amalia questions if Declan sold Myrtle's information to anyone else. He replies that nothing is exclusive except his marriage. For a price of his choosing, Amalia needs the name of whoever is hunting the Touched and why. They offer him an automated motor-carriage and payment. Declan seemingly agrees to their terms. On his way out, he pulls a blade from his pocket and threatens to kill Amalia should she not uphold her end of the bargain. She tells him this isn't her face, which bewilders him as they leave. One of his henchmen laughs at it, so the Beggar King demands with a knife that he spread his fingers wide.[1] The Beggar King eventually receives his auto-carriage and he lets his children drive it around the yard.[3]

Now that Bonfire Annie uses her turn to taken over the docks, Declan considers that this reflects poorly on him, especially after people saw his men run away from Annie, as well as Amalia and Penance. As punishment, Declan has Odium restrain one of the men as he carves into his flesh with a blade, slicing away at his Beggar King brand.[2]

The Beggar King operates a child sweatshop, where the children assemble hanging dolls in Maladie's likeness to sell during her execution. He receives a visit from Lord Massen, who wants him to get their Touched problem under control. Declan calls Odium in, revealing that Massen sent the man to kill Amalia, but he made him believe it was an order from the Beggar King. Lord Massen then employs Declan and his men to cause a bit of chaos to instill fear into the people of London after Maladie's execution. Indeed, the Beggar King observes as his men wrap pink hags on their hands — the symbol of Purists — and light a couple of bonfires, chanting: "No more Touched."[3]

Official description

Charismatic and brutal, Declan runs — or has a piece of — most of the low-level criminal activity in the city. He's perfectly happy to help Amalia and her cause — and equally happy to sell them out. He backs winners, and the Touched are long odds.[4]

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